Research Program on Polynomial Optimization and Applications

Willem de Muinck Keizer is about to start his third year as a PhD student at the Discrete Mathematics and Optimization group at the TU Delft. He works in semidefinite programming, which is a type of optimization problem with applications in and outside of Mathematics.

Testimonial Willem de Muinck Keizer

I participated in all the events of the Research Program on Polynomial Optimization and Applications, which consisted of 3 workshops each typically lasting multiple days.

Semidefinite programming is an important technique in ``Polynomial Optimization and Applications" and I enjoy commutative algebra, so these workshops were well-suited for me. My goal was to learn about current developments and research areas tangent to my field.

During the workshop on ``Semidefinite and Polynomial Optimization", my supervisor David de Laat presented our current research project and important figures of our field presented what they are working on. Meeting people from the field was very useful for exchanging ideas and discussing possible directions. In the workshop on ``Solving Polynomial Equations and Applications", I learned a new technique to tackle a problem on which I am working and my next research project will be based on this. The workshop on ``Polynomial Optimization and Applications in Control and Energy" was not directly about my research, but I learned about new applications of semidefinite programming.

I would definitely recommend this semester program to people working in my field. The workshops gave inspiration for my research and allowed me to explore the research landscape. Also, the cafeteria at CWI is quite nice.