(Online) celebration of CWI's 75th birthday

In 2021 we celebrate our jubilee: on 11 February our institute celebrates its 75th anniversary. With a special online celebration, we look back on the most illustrious successes we have achieved since our foundation in 1946.

11 Feb 2021 from 2 p.m. to 11 Feb 2021 5 p.m. CET (GMT+0100)

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica is counting down to its 75th anniversary and invites you to join us for a special online event on Thursday 11 February.

Due to restrictions to curb the coronavirus epidemic, we will celebrate our anniversary online. You are cordially invited to join our live video stream.

One of the programme's highlights is the interview with our former director Jos Baeten in which he will reflect on his personal experiences with computers and computing research.

Founded in 1946 as Mathematisch Centrum, our institute has been the birthplace of numerous scientific breakthroughs, and a breeding ground for talented researchers. During our online event, we will look back on our most remarkable scientific achievements.

But above all, we will look into the future with scientific breakout sessions: what do our scientists see when they look ahead to the future of, for example, artificial intelligence or quantum computing? How do we deal with data in the future? And to what level of security can you make computers safe?

Preliminary programme:
14.00 Opening & video about CWI's history
14.10 Breakout sessions round 1
            * 1A: Daniel Dadush - Integer and Linear Programming Beyond the Worst-Case
            * 1B: Marten van Dijk - Secure Smart Low Lands
            * 1C: Benjamin Sanderse - Structure! Predicting the future with models and data
            * 1D: Irene Viola - Quality of experience for immersive communication
14.40 Launch special anniversary magazine

14.45 Presentation Ton de Kok
15.00 VR Birthday Cake
15.10 Break
15.20 Breakout sessions round 2
            * 2A: Peter Bosman - Toward Evolutionary Intelligence
            * 2B: Stacey Jeffery - Quantum Software Copy Protection
            * 2C: Lisa Kohl - Secure Computation with Silent Preprocessing
            * 2D: Hannes Muehleisen - Saving the Planet one Query at a Time
15.50 CWI Choir
15.55 Interview Jos Baeten
16.15 Comedian Adam Fields
16.45 Closing
Chair of the day is Ans Hekkenberg.

For inquiries and further details about our 75th birthday celebrations on 11 February, check our website or contact event coordinator Daniëlle Kollerie (D.C.Kollerie@cwi.nl).

We are trying to get in contact with as many CWI alumni as possible. In case you know of any alumni (scientific and/or support staff) who should take part in the celebrations too, please feel free to forward the above information.
Alumni who would like to stay updated and receive invites to CWI events, should inform Daniëlle Kollerie (kollerie@cwi.nl) on what email address they can be contacted.