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Mid-semester Lecture - Machine Learning Theory (Semester Programme)

This is the second lecture event of the ML Theory semester programme. We are delighted to host an afternoon with two distinguished researchers speaking about their advances in our understanding of machine learning. These research-level lectures are intended for a non-specialist audience. The lectures are freely accessible. The overarching theme of the afternoon is "Learning to Model the Environment". Our two speakers will discuss performing causal inference and executing optimal behaviour in largely unknown environments, focusing on philosophical and technical challenges. For more details see the abstracts below. We are looking forward to a strong program and we hope to welcome you on the 12th.

14:00 Jonas Peters (remote)
Recent Advances in Causal Inference

15:00 Break

15:30 Tor Lattimore (live)
The Curse and Blessing of Curvature for Zeroth-order Convex Optimisation

Watch the livestream here