Software and Data Management

CWI Policy

CWI intends to make its scientific output available through Open Access, which includes making it available for the long term. In principle all output should be archived. We agree with NWO that publicly funded research should be publicly available.

The following guidelines and advice concern software and datasets produced by CWI researchers, not software or data owned by others. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and (formal) agreements with outside parties must be adhered to and thus take precedence over these guidelines.

  1. It is the responsibility of the lead researcher to determine what and when software or data is archived
  2. A Software or Data Management Plan should be written at the start of a project, and should be updated regularly
  3. For software that will be archived a version-control system should be used and work should be backed up regularly
  4. The location where software and data is archived should be a trustworthy digital repository, which is a storage facility specialized in long term archiving of digital information
  5. Archived software and data should be stored with the aim of being FAIR, findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable by others. Once stored, it is mandatory to register the archived work in our CWI Institutional Repository

If your project or field of research has different requirements for handling of software or data these should be described in the (updated) Software or Data Management Plan. It is always mandatory to register archived work in the CWI repository.

Need help with your Software or Data Management Plan? Send a draft of your plan together with your research proposal to Vera Sarkol ( or Carl Schulz (