CWI Institutional Repository

What to register with the CWI Repository.

The CWI Institutional Repository keeps a registry of CWI academic output. It is used in yearly evaluations within the institute, and towards NWO and other funders. The publication list on CWI personal profile pages are generated from the repository by ITF.

The repository is harvested by Narcis and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, ensuring a long-term record and archive of our researchers' work.

To keep the repository complete, we need your help. We automatically receive new publications and archived software and data from several sources, but this is by no means a complete record. Once a year we ask everyone to update their output for yearly evaluations. You can register work through the repository website at any time.

What to register?

Journal and proceedings articles: Papers from projects after January 2021 should be Plan S compliant. This means records should include a pdf - at least an AAM (Author Accepted Manuscript).

You can choose to register pre-prints but these are not obligatory. If you register a pre-print (e.g. from arXiv, also called tech report) it should also include the pdf.

Archived software, datasets, or replication packages: We only record the metadata for the archived materials, and not the software or data itself. Once you've finished a paper or project, please archive your (selected) software and/or data according to our policy. Our preferred archival repository is Zenodo, easily linked through GitHub. At Zenodo, include your work in the community Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, then we will automatically receive it.

Other academic work: we can also include blogposts, post-publication peer reviews, monographs, and more.

Magazine articles and interviews: questions? Please contact the communications department.


How to register your work?

3 options:

  1. at the bottom of click "Submit your CWI work"
  2. log in at, from the drop down menu choose "add content"
  3. send the DOI (or other identifier) to If it isn't open access please include the AAM.

Questions or comments? Please send a message to: