Software Analysis and Transformation group news

Distinguished paper Award for CWI researchers Davy Landman and Jurgen Vinju

At the ICSE 2017 (39th International Conference on Software Engineering) in Buenos Aires CWI researchers Davy Landman and Jurgen Vinju in collaboration with Alexander Serebrenik (TUE) have been awarded with the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award for their paper "Challenges for Static Analysisof Java Reflection - Literature Review and Empirical Study".

Getting to grips with software quality

There is an urgent need for new, automated techniques to analyze software and to guarantee its quality, argues part-time professor of Automated Software Testing and CWI group leader Jurgen Vinju in his inaugural speech at Eindhoven University of Technology on Friday 12 February.

Workshop Joy of Coding

Last Friday, CWI researchers Jouke Stoel and Tijs van der Storm (from the research group Software Analysis and Transformation) organized the workshop "Hack your Language with Rascal" at the third Joy of Coding, the conference celebrating the art, craft, science and joy of software development.

Efficient Abstractions for Visualization and Interaction

Interactive systems with appealing visualizations are the hallmark of todays, mostly web-based, systems. Under the hood, the implementation of such systems leaves much to be desired which makes them hard to extend and maintain. Atze van der Ploeg, PhD student at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam,

Who's afraid of Object Algebras?

Object algebras are a simple technique that solves a long-standing problem of extensibility in programming languages, called the expression problem. CWI-researcher Tijs van der Storm presented the technique at Joy of Coding 2014

Nationale ICT Award 2013 for Python and SIG

Programming language Python and company Software Improvement Group (SIG) were awarded a Nationale ICT Award last night. Both winners have their origins at CWI. Python was awarded the COMMIT/ Award for the most valuable product resulting from ICT research that is over ten years old. SIG received the ICT Milieu Award for their application energy profile register.

Paul Klint in Labyrint on 5 December

In 2012 the 100th birthday of Alan Turing has been celebrated worldwide. Turing deciphered the Enigma code during World War II and is considered to be founder of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Floor Sietsma awarded 'Nerd van het Jaar 2012'

Researcher at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam Floor Sietsma is awarded by Quest readers as Nerd of the Year 2012. In the race she left her main competitors Diederik Jekel, known from ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ and medical biologist Elza van Deel behind, who finished in second and third place.

Theme CWI Lectures 2012 ‘Understanding Software’

The theme of the annual CWI Lectures that takes place 14 June 2012 is 'Understanding Software. The size of software systems ranges from dozens to hundreds of millions lines of code. Programming and maintenance have therefore become increasingly expensive and complex.

Rascal for Easy Meta-Programming

Rascal is a new meta-programming language that was launched by CWI at the Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering, 6-11 July, in Braga, Portugal.

SIG wins ICTRegie Award

On Wednesday the Software Improvement Group (SIG) won the ICTRegie Award. The CWI spin-off SIG analyses any software source code in an automated manner. The company maps out the quality of the system, measures the changeability and assesses the situation. All based on automated analysis of source code. Paul Klint, Tobias Kuipers, Arie van Deursen and Marjo Wildvank are the founders of SIG.

Jan van Eijck appointed NIAS Fellow

Jan van Eijck has been appointed NIAS fellow on 1 September 2006. For five months he will be engaged in research on Games, Action and Social Software at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) in Wassenaar. During this period, scientists from different disciplines - philosophy, logic, computer science, psychology, and economics - collaborate in an intensive interactive setting to find a more unified view of social mechanisms.

Funding for software testing project TT-MEDAL

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has allocated funding to the software test development project TT-MEDAL. This was announced on November 12, 2003. TT-MEDAL is a cooperation of CWI's Specification and Analysis of Embedded Systems group SEN2 (headed by Wan Fokkink), LogicaCMG, ProRail and Improve QS.

CWI builds new supercomputer

CWI has started the construction of a new supercomputer cluster in the beginning of October 2003. The cluster, consisting of 48 dual and quad AMD Opteron systems, is the first quad Opteron cluster in the Benelux. The new supercomputer, funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO, is expected to be operational in two months.

INRIA and CWI launch VLTS benchmark website

Together with the VASY group of CWI's French sister institute INRIA, Stefan Blom (SEN2) has set up the first VLTS Benchmark Suite. This online database contains several very large transition systems (VLTS), systematic descriptions of complex processes like railway safety systems. These descriptions, also referred to as state space graphs, include all possible states of the system and the way these states are related to each other. The benchmarks can be used to the evaluate algorithms operating on state space graphs, like model checkers and visualisation tools.