Life Sciences

A list of the core research themes in the Life Sciences group is given below.

The group also participates in the INRIA International team ERABLE.


The life sciences group organizes a seminar.


Vidi: Roeland Merks, Alexander Schönhuth

Visitors:  Samira Jaeger (PhD student/EMBO short term fellowship programme, 19 Jan 2009 - 17 Apr 2009), Nora Toussaint (PhD student/CWI internship, 1 Sep 2009 - 1 Dec 2009), Sandro Andreotti  (PhD student, FU Berlin, 12 Feb 2010 - 18 Apr 2010 and July 2011 - October 2011), Xin Wang (PhD student, University of Cambridge/UK, Cancer Research UK, October 2011), Jialu Hu (PhD student, FU Berlin, December 2011), Mathilde Le Boudic-Jamin (PhD student, INRIA Rennes, June 2012), Xin Wang (PhD student, CWI internship, University of Cambridge/UK, Cancer Research UK, October 2012-December2012), Thomas Bellitto (internship, ENS Cachan, summer 2013), Thomas Hume (Université Bordeaux I, fall 2013), Corentin Hardy (internship, ENS Rennes, summer 2014), Chung-Yao Chuang (Carnegie Mellon University, summer 2015), Marcus Gallagher (The University of Queensland, September 2015)