Postdoc on the subject of Agent Systems, Dynamic Planning, and Logistics

The research is part of a larger project, Scalable Interoperabiliy in Information Systems for Agile Supply Chains (SIISASC). The overall objective of SIISASC is to create pipeline interoperability in supply chains based on a federated approach, in which autonomous entities (e.g. organizations) are able to dynamically (re)plan their logistics activities. The project is in cooperation with TU Delft, TNO, and the companies Descartes and LogIT Systems. The project consists of fundamental research with an eye on applications and is carried out together with the partners. The project is funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

PhD Student on the subject of Agent Systems and Smart Energy Grids

Our energy system is transforming into a sustainable system. Especially important for potential innovations are the use and the holistic use of energy types electricity and heat. This is amongst others due to the increasing role of electricity, and because heat often is a large side product (waste) as well as one of the important reasons for energy demand.