Leader of the group Human-Centered Data Analytics: Jacco van Ossenbruggen.

Our research group develops methods and techniques to better support users in accessing information that is heterogeneous, subjective and potentially inconsistent. We focus on the information’s context, using knowledge graphs to model differences in time and other relevant perspectives.

We work together with social scientists and humanities researchers to evaluate how technology can be used to best interpret complex data, by modelling and comparing different assumptions underlying the interpretation. We advocate the notion of transparency in all critical use of technology to improve trust assessments.

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Amsterdam Researchers Win International Semantic Web Challenge

The MultimediaN E-culture Project has won the first prize at the Semantic Web Challenge at the 5th International Semantic Web Conference held in Athens, Georgia, USA. This international competition aims to advance our understanding of how explicit, machine processable descriptions of data can be exploited on the Web. To qualify, applications should integrate, combine, and deduce information from heterogeneous and distributed sources in an open environment to assist users in specific tasks, potentially unforeseen by the original authors of the underlying Web content.

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Enabling more effective multimedia search queries

Ph.D. student Menzo Windhouwer has developed a method to enable semantic queries in multimedia databases. To provide access to stored multimedia objects, database systems use annotations, particular features describing the objects. When annotations are generated automatically, several difficulties occur. For example, the significance of annotations like cheerful or grim depends on the cultural context of the user. Windhouwer's feature grammar system can handle these ambiguities.

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Current projects with external funding

  • Automated Knowledge Graph Creation from Scientific Literature ()
  • Culturally aware AI (AI:CULT)

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