Leader of the group Computer Security: Marten van Dijk.

The Computer Security group contributes to making our society a safe place with digital and physical infrastructures that can be trusted to have the best interest of citizens and industry in mind. Our work constructively contributes new mechanisms and solutions to security problems.

We are committed to bringing rigorous cryptographic style thinking to security engineering. We study, analyze, and design secure computing environments from various perspectives such as secure processor architectures and cyber physical system security but also secure machine learning functionalities. We provide a holistic approach and use various techniques for reasoning about security, safety, and resilience ranging from formal methods to cryptographic proofs.



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Joost Winter verdedigt proefschrift over coalgebra en automatentheorie

Joost Winter verdedigt proefschrift over coalgebra en automatentheorie

CWI-onderzoeker Joost Winter promoveerde op 1 juli 2014 met een proefschrift waarin connecties tussen de coalgebra en de automatenthorie centraal staan. Coalgebra is een abstract raamwerk voor beschrijvingen en formele redenaties van systemen die zich in verschillende toestanden kunnen bevinden. Het kan onder andere gebruikt worden om te bewijzen dat systemen aan bepaalde eisen voldoen, zoals de correctheid van een complex softwaresysteem.

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CWI joins Sino-European research network LIAMA

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has officially joined research network LIAMA. The Sino-European Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics (LIAMA) is a research lab consisting of European and Chinese research institutes in the field of mathematics and computer science. LIAMA conducts research, training and transfer projects in these fields. CWI will join the lab as one of the founding members.

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Current projects with external funding

  • Evolutionary changes in Distributed Analysis (ECiDA)
  • Reowolf 2.0: decentralized, synchronous, multi-party Internet communication (Reowolf 2.0)

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