Giulia Colacicco

Full Name
G. Colacicco
PhD student
+31 20 592 4030
Computational Imaging


In September 2017, I joined the Computational Imaging group as a PhD student. I work together with Meyn Food Processing on the research project "Non-destructive 3D Spectral Imaging". The project includes also some experiments, which I will perform in the new CWI ’FleX-ray’ lab. My research interests include mathematical image reconstruction techniques, 3D image processing, spectral and conventional CT techniques. Concerning my education, I did both my Bachelor and my Master in Mathematics at the University of Florence, in Italy. For my Master's thesis project I investigated the Didactics of Mathematics and, in particular, I worked on the design of a new teaching method based on the "learning-by-doing" process, in order to foster the development of the concept of function, starting from the dependency of the variables. This project was eventually chosen to be published in the Swiss magazine "DdM – Didattica della Matematica". After my Master's degree, I decided to explore other fields within the research environment, mostly related to Applied Mathematics. For this reason, I performed an internship at CWI in the Life Sciences and Health group under the supervision of Prof.dr.G.W.Klau and Dr.A.Schönhunt. Besides work, I enjoy going out with friends, cooking, working out and, of course, traveling. Some other hobbies and passions that I carry out during my free time are related to music, having played piano and guitar since I was a child, and to photography, which allows expressing my creative and artistic side that, moreover, I like to share through my blog . Last but not least, my easygoing and open personality has emerged in particular thanks to when, while still in Italy, I spent a lot of time in volunteering activities and in the Scout group.

Current projects with external funding

  • Non-destructive 3D spectral imaging: applications in the poultry industry