Bert Gerards

Full Name A.M.H. Gerards
Scientific Staff Member
Networks and Optimization


Bert Gerards obtained his PhD from Tilburg University in 1988, where he worked as Assistant Professor from 1984 till he joined Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica as a senior researcher in 1989. He had already started his PhD research in 1982, when he switched from being a high school teacher in Maastricht to become a research assistant of NWO (first at the University of Amsterdam and then at Tilburg University). Bert Gerards did his masters studies at Eindhoven University of Technology from 1972 till 1981. From 1997 till 2009, Bert Gerards held several management positions at CWI: first 8 years as leader of the group Networks & Optimization and then 4 years as leader of a scientific cluster of 5 research groups and as member of the CWI Management Team. While at CWI, Bert Gerards also was part-time Full Professor at the University of Eindhoven (1999-2009) and the University of Maastricht (2010-2014). From 2008 till 2012, he held an (honorary) position as Adjoint Professor at the University of Waterloo. From 1997 till 2007, Bert Gerards served at the editorial boards of Mathematical Programming and SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics. Bert Gerards is a 2003 Fulkerson Prize recipient and gave an invited lecture at ICM 2006.


Bert Gerards works in combinatorial optimization; his main research interest is matroid theory.

Together with Jim Geelen and Geoff Whittle, Bert Gerards works on their joined Matroid Minors Project, which they started in 1999 to develop a structure theory for minor closed classes of matroids over finite fields, primarily because of its own intrinsic value but also as an instrument toward their 2013 proof of Rota’s conjecture; see Solving Rota's conjecture in Notices AMS, August 2014.

Also Peter Nelson and former CWI postdocs Tony Huynh and Stefan van Zwam participate in the Matroid Minors Project.