Martin Kersten

Professor, CWI-Fellow

Full Name Prof.dr. M.L. Kersten
Function(s) Professor, CWI-Fellow
Telephone +31 20 592 4066
Room L312
Department(s) Database Architectures, CWI Management


The research focus is database architectures, query optimization and their use in scientific databases. He is an architect of the MonetDB system, a world-wide renowned open-source column store for data warehouses. He has been (co-) founder of several successful CWI spin-offs.

Recent Publications

  • M.M. Gawade, M.L. Kersten, A. Simitsis, Multi-core column-store parallelization under concurrent workload , ACM, 2016
  • T.H.J. Sellam, M.L. Kersten, Cluster-Driven Navigation of the Query Space, I.E.E.E. Computer Society Press, 2016
  • M.M. Gawade, M.L. Kersten, Adaptive query parallelization in multi-core column stores, ACM, 2016
  • T.H.J. Sellam, E. Müller, M.L. Kersten, Semi-Automated Exploration of Data Warehouses, ACM, 2015
  • C.P. Cijvat, S. Manegold, M.L. Kersten, G.W. Klau, A. Schönhuth, T. Marschall, Ying Zhang, Genome sequence analysis with MonetDB - A case study on Ebola virus diversity, Springer Verlag, 2015