Rufael Mekuria

PhD student

Fullname Ir. R.N. Mekuria
Function(s) PhD student
Telephone 4020
Room M374
Department(s) Distributed and Interactive Systems

Recent Publications

  • R.N. Mekuria, C.L. Blom, Pablo Cesar, Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Point Cloud Codec for Tele-Immersive Video, IEEE, 2016
  • A.A.M. Kuijk, R.N. Mekuria, Pablo Cesar, REVERIE: Real and virtual come together in a virtual reality, ERCIM, 35-36, 2015
  • R.N. Mekuria, A. Frisiello, M Pasin, Pablo Cesar, Network Support for Social 3-D Immersive Tele-Presence with Highly Realistic Natural and Synthetic Avatar Users, ACM, 19-24, 2015
  • R.N. Mekuria, Pablo Cesar, A. Frisiello, I. Doumanis, Objective and subjective quality assessment of geometry compression of reconstructed 3D Humans in a 3D virtual room, SPIE, 2015
  • J. Wall, E Izquierdo, L Argyriou, D. Monaghan, N. O'Connor, S. Poulakos, A. Smolic, R.N. Mekuria, REVERIE: Natural Human Interaction in Virtual Immersive Environments, 2014