Inspiring Web Pioneer Steven Pemberton - an interview

CWI celebrates the career of Web pioneer and CWI researcher Steven Pemberton on 4 October with the symposium ‘Declarative Amsterdam’. Steven is well-known for his work on (X)HTML, CSS and XForms, a Web language that can possibly speed up programming 10 times. A good reason for an interview.

Bringing Quantum Computers Closer to Reality

The concept of quantum computing was first proposed back in the 1980s and since then the race has been on to develop the first reliable, scalable quantum computer. Done right, this revolutionary technology could rapidly accelerate developments in fields like machine learning, drug development, finance, and cryptology.

Domein-specifieke talen: meer mogelijk maken met minder code

Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) kennen veel voordelen. Zo is programmeren met DSLs efficiënter, sneller en minder foutgevoelig dan bijvoorbeeld programmeren in Java. Tijs van der Storm, senior onderzoeker aan het CWI en hoogleraar aan de RUG, vertelt over DSLs en over de taal Rascal die aan het CWI werd ontwikkeld.

What is code and what is coding?

There exist thousands of programming languages, but only a dozen of them are popular beyond a few hundred users of the language. Some of them are used by hundreds of thousands of people.