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Doorbraak in energiezuinige kunstmatige intelligentie

Dankzij een wiskundige doorbraak kunnen toepassingen van kunstmatige intelligentie een factor honderd tot duizend energiezuiniger worden. Daardoor wordt het mogelijk toepassingen bijvoorbeeld op een smartwatch of een smartphone te laten draaien, terwijl dat tot op heden in de cloud moest gebeuren.

Breakthrough in energy efficient artificial intelligence

Thanks to a mathematical breakthrough, AI applications can become a hundred to a thousand times more energy efficient. This will make it possible to put much more elaborate AI in chips, enabling applications to run on a smartphone or smartwatch where before this was done in the cloud.

CWI works on Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet POINTER fund has awarded CWI a grant to work on architectural renovation for the next generation Internet to replace BSD-style socket technology. The results will make a new generation of privacy-respecting, trustworthy and reliable Internet applications possible.

CWI PhD graduate founded record IPO company Snowflake

Data-warehouse company Snowflake went public this week, reaching an extraordinary market value of $70.4 billion, the largest IPO for a software company ever. Snowflake offers cloud-based data warehousing, whose data storage and query engine contain techniques pioneered in CWI’s Data Architectures group. One of the PhD graduates who developed that technology, former CWI researcher Marcin Żukowski, is co-founder of Snowflake.

Cells ‘walk’ to firm ground

A new mathematical model may explain how body cells get their shapes and what makes them move within a tissue. The model provides fundamental knowledge for applications in tissue engineering, amongst other things. The research was executed by Roeland Merks and Lisanne Rens, who were previously affiliated with CWI's Scientific Computing group.

Ton de Kok appointed new director of CWI

The board of NWO-I, the institute organisation of NWO, appoints Prof. Ton de Kok as director of CWI. On 1 October 2020, De Kok will succeed the current director, Prof. Jos Baeten, who has led the institute since 2011 and will retire.

Gearing up for QCrypt 2020

The latest top results in quantum cryptography will be shared during the upcoming tenth anniversary edition of the QCrypt conference. Welcoming hundreds of visitors from science and industry, QCrypt 2020 will take place as an online event, jointly organized by CWI and the University of Amsterdam.

Balancing uncertainties in future electricity markets

The steady embrace of sustainable energy brings along new challenges. For example, the supply and demand of energy will fluctuate much more than with energy from fossil sources. PhD student Georgios Methenitis designed several ways to find a balance in this, providing building blocks of future energy markets that guarantee efficient outcomes for all users.

In Memoriam Willem van Zwet (1934-2020)

Prof. Willem van Zwet from Leiden University was advisor to the Mathematisch Centrum (now called CWI) from 1965-1984, chair of CWI’s Science Committee and Member of the Board. Throughout his career, Van Zwet played a key role in academic mathematical statistics in the Netherlands.

ICT research after corona

In an interview with the Dutch ICT magazine AG Connect, CWI director Jos Baeten outlines how the corona crisis affects ICT research. Besides the difficulties and downright misery that result from Covid-19, there’s an upside, says Baeten. “It has a positive aspect: everyone is committed to resolve this crisis.”

Marie Curie ITN grant awarded to ALPACA network

Recently, CWI and others were awarded an EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN) consortium grant for ALPACA –'Algorithms for PAngenome Computational Analysis'. The research project involves a total funding of 3.67 million euros.

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