2021 News

CWI Fellow Jos Baeten receives Royal decoration

For his extensive contributions to science, CWI Fellow and former director Jos Baeten has been awarded a Royal decoration. Baeten was appointed Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. The awarding took place during CWI’s 75th anniversary event.

CWI anniversary magazine

Together with the Dutch edition of New Scientist, CWI proudly presents a one-off anniversary magazine. Featuring a wide variety of CWI research, the magazine provides a look behind the scenes of the institute. The magazine was officially launched during CWI’s 75th anniversary event.

CWI celebrates 75th anniversary

Today CWI celebrates its 75th anniversary. With a special online event we will look into the past and future of mathematics and computer science. Join our event and celebrate with us!

KUHN Award for Stochastics researchers

Naval Research Logistics (NRL) has awarded the Harald W. Kuhn Award 2020 to Bernard Zweers, Rob van der Mei and Sandjai Bhulai (VU) for their paper “Optimizing barge utilization in hinterland container transportation”.

Outsourcing computations to a quantum computer you can’t trust

Quantum computers hold great promise, but to what extent can we trust the outcome of these elusive machines? In her PhD thesis, Yfke Dulek investigates ways to delegate computations to a quantum computer, focussing on the question how trustworthy the outcomes will be. Her research could pave the way for creating security guarantees in quantum computing.

Pieter Kleer wins Gijs de Leve Prize

Pieter Kleer, former PhD student of CWI, was awarded the Gijs de Leve Prize 2018-2020 for the best PhD thesis in in the area of Mathematics of Operations Research defended in the last three years.

Cum laude for optimization of hinterland transportation

At large deep-sea ports tens of thousands of containers are handled daily. PhD student Bernard Zweers of CWI's Stochastics group investigated how these containers can be transported to the hinterland as efficient as possible. He received a 'cum laude' degree for this PhD research.