2020 News

Introducing Women In Quantum Development

Bringing women in quantum research together to form a professional and informal network. With that goal in mind, CWI researcher Stacey Jeffery and colleagues started the WIQD network. WIQD now aims to bring its mission into practice with a symposium for all quantum researchers in science, industry, and policy.

XML Prague Demo Prize for Steven Pemberton

In February Steven Pemberton won the Demo Prize at the XML Prague conference for his XForms demonstration "It's Conference Time!". XForms is a web technology and W3C standard, co-designed by Pemberton, for the declarative description of applications.

Software engineering makes games more exciting

Creating good games with interesting game experiences is difficult. Software engineer Riemer van Rozen developed a domain-specific programming language (DSL) for games that allows game designers to design better games, in a faster way.

Theoretical games explore the limits of quantum entanglement

The elusive phenomenon of quantum entanglement could enable unparalleled possibilities, but exactly how powerful are they? CWI researcher Tom Bannink explored cooperative games to assess when entanglement provides an advantage over our classical world. Bannink will defend his PhD thesis today, at the University of Amsterdam.

Reality check for financial risk assessment tool concludes CWI-led project

One of the most promising tools for assessing financial risks proves to hold up after a thorough mathematical gauging. CWI researcher Ki Wai Chau developed a numerical analysis of complex algorithms that are developed to support financial risk management. His method provides a reality check for those algorithms, paving the way for future applications.