Rubicon grants for David de Laat and Alessandro Zocca

CWI researchers David de Laat and Alessandro Zocca both received an NWO Rubicon grant. De Laat will study new techniques to compute optimal packings at MIT for one year, and Zocca will study renewables and uncertainty in future power systems at Caltech for two years. NWO granted these subsidies to 22 young, highly promising research talents to gain international research experience at foreign top institutes.

Better estimation of financial risks possible with maths

Due to the recent financial crisis, the requirements imposed on banks have been made stricter. Banks must model the credit risk of the counterparties now in their portfolios, for instance. A measure for this is the credit value adjustment (CVA): the difference between the value of a portfolio without credit risk and the value if a possible bankruptcy of the counterparty is included. Qian Feng, PhD student from CWI, modelled CVAs and designed a new algorithm that can help banks estimate the risks precisely, so they can take appropriate measures if necessary.

CWI-onderzoeker maakt hogere omzet bij hotelboekingen mogelijk

Met een nieuwe wiskundige methode kan een hotel op langere termijn gemiddeld 5% meer omzet halen als rekening wordt gehouden met online reviews. Dirk Sierag, promovendus van het CWI, analyseerde met boekingsgegevens uit het verleden het gedrag van consumenten die hotelkamers boeken. Daarmee maakte hij wiskundige modellen die hotels kunnen ondersteunen bij het bepalen van een optimale prijs van hotelkamers. Op 30 maart promoveerde hij aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam op zijn proefschrift 'Revenue Management in the Hotel Industry'. De onderzoeksresultaten zijn ook toepasbaar op films, concerten, sportevenementen en bijvoorbeeld Uber-taxiritten.

Cellen stimuleren groeirichting door eigen kracht

Tijdens de groei van embryo’s richten cellen zich naar krachten uit het omliggende weefsel. Deze krachten ontstaan door verschillen in groeisnelheden, spiercontracties of de zwaartekracht. Wiskundigen van het Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam toonden voor het eerst aan dat het actief samentrekken van de cel deze heroriëntatie van cellen kan versnellen en vergemakkelijken. Hun onderzoek verscheen onlangs in het toonaangevende tijdschrift Biophysical Journal (112).

Cells’ own contractions stimulate growth orientation

During the growth of embryos cells align with forces from the surrounding tissue. These forces originate from differences in growth rates, muscle contractions or gravity. Mathematicians at the CWI research centre in Amsterdam now showed for the first time that active cell contractions can accelerate and facilitate this reorientation of cells. Their research was recently published in the leading Biophysical Journal (112).

Harry Buhrman appointed Distinguished Research Professor

Prof. dr. H.M. Buhrman has been appointed as Distinguished Research Professor at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam. In this position Harry Buhrman will function as the figurehead of the QuSoft research center and be committed to further development of the institute.

CWI develops strategies for compression and transmission of reconstructed 3D data

Internet is used for communication via video conferencing, voice calls, chatting, photo sharing, online gaming and virtual reality. These technologies are changing our daily lives and the way we interact with each other. Highly realistic reconstructed 3D representations that combine real and synthetic contents in a virtual world will be part of this online interaction more and more.

CWI research increases efficiency and fairness in Ambulance Planning

PhD student Caroline Jagtenberg of CWI has executed research focused on reducing response time of ambulances. In her thesis Efficiency and Fairness in Ambulance Planning she presents new statistical models and methods, verified by realistic case studies for a Dutch ambulance provider. In emergency situations where every second counts, the timely presence of an ambulance can be a matter of life or death. This research to improve the logistics of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can contribute to improving the response times of ambulances.

CWI and Google announce first collision for Industry Security Standard SHA-1

'Industry deprecation proved to be too slow' Today, Thursday 23 February 2017, researchers at the Dutch research institute CWI and Google jointly announce that they have broken the SHA-1 internet security standard in practice. This industry standard is used for digital signatures and file integrity verification, which secure credit card transactions, electronic documents, GIT open-source software repositories and software distribution.