2016 News

NWO Complexity grant for Stochastics researchers

A consortium led by CWI researcher Rob van der Mei (Stochastics) has been awarded a grant within the Complexity in Transport & Logistics programme. Elenna Dugundji of CWI is one of the co-applicants an project manager of the research project. In total 15 proposals were submitted, of which 7 were granted. The available budget for this programme is a maximum of € 3.5 million and is provided by the NWO divisions of Social Sciences (MaGW) and Physical Sciences (EW) and the NWO governing board.

New attacks on location-based quantum cryptography

For secure communication of classified information, researchers want to deploy the sender’s location, so a receiver can be sure that a message is, for instance, really coming from the White House. Classic location-based methods are shown to be unsafe but location-based quantum cryptography seemed to have a chance.

New impulse for Dutch-Danish quantum research

Danish-Dutch quantum research will get a new impulse. At the official opening of the “Villum Centre of Excellence for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory” (QMATH) in Copenhagen a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by research centers QuSoft and QMATH.

CWI develops new tools for data exploration

PhD student Thibault Sellam from CWI developed new tools to explore large databases. It allows explorative users to find interesting information hidden inside a database, with little or no knowledge of the data beforehand.

CWI wins Amsterdam Marathon business run

CWI's running team has won the business run of the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday 16 October. The team was the fastest in a field of 80 teams in the half marathon event. The winning team time was 7.48.46 (added time of the first five runners), an average of 1.33.45 per runner. CWI is a regular competer in the Amsterdam Marathon event.

Mapping the 'dark matter' of human DNA - research published in Nature Communications

Researchers from ERIBA, Radboud UMC, XJTU, Saarland University, CWI and UMC Utrecht have made a big step towards a better understanding of the human genome. By identifying large DNA variants in 250 Dutch families, the researchers have clarified part of the 'dark matter', the great unknown, of the human genome. These new data enable researchers from all over the world to study the DNA variants and use the results to better understand genetic diseases. The findings were published on 6 October in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

CWI mathematically describes cloud formation

Clouds play a major role in weather and climate, but are hard to include in predictions due to their chaotic nature. CWI researcher Jesse Dorrestijn developed new mathematical representations of clouds to use in climate models and weather forecasts.

Tijs van der Storm appointed at University of Groningen

Tijs van der Storm has been appointed professor of Software Engineering at the University of Groningen (RUG)  It is a part-time appointment per 1 September 2016 that Van der Storm will combine with his position as researcher in the Software Analysis and Transformation (SWAT) group at CWI.

Three articles from the Netherlands published in ERCIM News 106 on Cybersecurity

In July 2016, ERCIM News 106 was published: ercim-news.ercim.eu/en106. This issue featured a special theme on Cybersecurity, in which three articles from the Netherlands were published and one from Belgium. Another article from the Netherlands, on the 100th birthday of former CWI (MC) director and informatics pioneer Aad van Wijngaarden, was published in the Research & Society section.

Cryptographers from the Netherlands win 2016 Internet Defense Prize

Cryptographers Léo Ducas from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and Peter Schwabe (Radboud University) have won the 2016 Internet Defense Prize. They were awarded the prize with their co-authors Erdem Alkim (Ege University, Turkey) and Thomas Pöppelmann (Infineon Technologies AG, Germany) for their paper 'Post-Quantum Key Exchange – A New Hope'.