Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica signs "Talent naar de Top" Charter

Today the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) signed the "Talent to the Top" Charter.

Publication date: 25-03-2010

Today, 25 March 2010, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) signed the "Talent to the Top" Charter.

CWI is highlighting the objective of this national task force to enable more women to flow to senior talent positions. To illustrate this CWI created the short film 'Room for Women'. In this film four female scientists are given the opportunity to to tell about the role model for a new generation of scientific talent.

At present, CWI has 18 percent women in its research staff.
'Room for Women " shows how these female beta researchers
experience their talent development process at CWI. Prof. Ute Ebert, Prof. Lynda Hardman, Dr. Martina Ch.-Bruckner and PhD student Sara Ramezani tell about their lives, research and ambitions. The film is premiering at CWI today.

Constance van Eeden in 2010

The guest of honour at the premiere is Constance van Eeden. In 1950 she was a student at the Mathematical Center (later CWI), where she was one of the first female scientists in 1954.

Constance van Eeden defended her thesis cum laude in 1958 for her theoretical research in the field of mathematical statistics. Afterwards she worked at various universities in the United States and Canada. Here she mentored  a large number of students to obtain their Master's degree or PhD. At present she is Honorary Professor at the University of Bristish Columbia, where she lives four months a year.

Within six months of signing the Charter, the CWI is implementing clear and measurable targets for more women to reach a top position at the institute. In 2007 the percentage of female scientists at CWI was 16. Three years later in 2010 it has risen to 18 percent. If this trend continues it would mean that within 10 years CWI would have 24 percent female scientists.


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