Data Theme

In the last two years more data was collected by humankind than in all previous years, and this is likely to remain true for the near future. Users on WhatsApp and Messenger sent over 60 billion messages per day, 300 hours of new video material was uploaded to YouTube every minute and radio telescopes registered gigabytes of measurement data per second. Information derived from this data is the driving force for innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

Through data collection and analysis, underlying processes can be understood and subsequently controlled, predicted and optimized. A large part of CWI’s research is focused on managing volume (very large databases), velocity (high-speed processing and analysing), variety (integrating data from various sources) and veracity (generating reliable information) of big data. Research areas include database management, data analytics, machine learning and data visualization. In all these steps, transparency is vital to ensure that the results do indeed reflect conclusions that can be drawn from the data.

To strengthen our network of problem owners and data providers, CWI is a partner in national and European organisations, including Amsterdam Data Science (ADS), Amsterdam Centre for Business Analytics (ACBA), Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Data Science Platform Netherlands (DSPN) and the Big Data Alliance (BDA).

Databases & Statistics

Multidimensional visualization


CWI Lectures on database research

This year’s edition of CWI Lectures revolved around database pioneer and CWI fellow Martin Kersten. Several international speakers discussed recent advances in their database research. Video recordings of the event are now available to view.