Research Themes

CWI conducts pioneering research in mathematics and computer science, and transfers its results to society. To give focus to our efforts, our research is clustered in six broad, societal-relevant themes: artificial intelligence, software, data, networks, computation and quantum. We address these themes through a trio of core activities: designing algorithms, mastering complexity and reducing uncertainty.

CWI scientific investigations can be applied in a wide range of application domains that are crucial for functioning of our society and innovations, from transportation and mobility systems to medical informatics, blockchain, and software applications for the next generation quantum computers.

For more information about CWI as a research partner you can contact: Rob van der Mei, R&D Manager or Karin Blankers, Valorisation Manager.



Software is everywhere in our society. CWI investigates various aspects of software quality, including understanding complex systems, programming languages, software development, verification of correctness and software security.



It is fair to say that networks constitute the backbone of our modern society. CWI researchers are studying mathematical and computational models of networks in order to better understand, control and optimize them.



Quantum computers hold great promise as the next generation of hardware. CWI investigates quantum software and possible applications that will become available in the near future, including cryptography in a quantum world.



A large part of our data research is focused on managing volume, velocity, variety and veracity of big data. Research areas include database management, data analytics, machine learning and data visualization.



Thanks to rapid progress in computer technology, computation has emerged as the third pillar of scientific discovery next to theoretical science and experimental investigations. Researchers at CWI contribute to these efforts in various ways.

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world, increasingly showcasing impressive results in many fields of science and society. CWI has longstanding fundamental research lines on various topics considered to be cornerstones of AI.