Wearable Technology and Smart Textiles

We live in a society based on experiences.

We live in a society based on experiences. Whether we are watching a commercial for a holiday destination or interacting with social media, the consumer experience plays a crucial role in our behaviour. Yet surprisingly little is actually known about how consumers value these experiences. The high-end technical solutions for shaping experiences contrast sharply with the rather conventional mechanisms used to measure them. We explore the use of wearable sensors as a source for collecting reliable and quantified data about everyday life experiences.

Following an interdisciplinary approach, our research group sets up testing grounds where the application domain is realistically investigated. Such an approach provides a high volume of real-world data, which is used to create reliable and accurate models about human experiences. Our first focus has been the creative industries (for example music concerts and theatre plays), but we are interested in expanding our reach to other application domains such as television, advertising, music and FMCG industries.
We have created a full real-time environment (wearable sensors, networking infrastructure and customized algorithms) that collects and analyzes fine-grained rich sensor data about users. The environment is customizable for different application domains, and can provide tailored visualization mechanisms. Our solution goes far beyond conventional solutions.

Contact person: Pablo Cesar
Research group: Distributed & Interactive Systems (DIS)
Research partners: ByBorre, Xinhuanet, RedBull, AMOLF