Data Analytics Software

The data analytics software market is a many-billion-euro-per-year software sector that covers data warehousing, data integration and data analytics. Such software empowers countless other application areas, as these increasingly depend on analysis of data. Recent trends and reasons for the current strong growth of the sector are increasing attention for data science, that is, the close integration of statistics and machine learning in data management software, as well as a transformation from classical on-premise software to data analytics services in the cloud. CWI is interested in exploring the use of new, heterogeneous hardware (e.g. graphics and tensor processors) in the cloud, in deeply integrating machine learning inside data management software, as well as moving from analysis on tabular data to analysis on graph shaped data, i.e. scalable algorithms and data structures for network data.

Contact person: Stefan Manegold, group leader Database Architecture group
+31 20 592 4212