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Rob van der Mei in TV programme Universiteit van Nederland

Stochastics researcher Rob van der Mei has made an appearance in an episode of the TV programme 'Universiteit van Nederland'. He contributed to a series of 5 episodes themed 'Disasters'. Rob's talk focuses on how the ambulance can get to your house even faster.

ERCIM News 108 on Computational Imaging co-coordinated by Joost Batenburg

In January 2017, ERCIM News No. 108 was published: It features a special theme on Computational Imaging, coordinated by guest editors Joost Batenburg (CWI) and Tamas Sziranyi (MTA SZTAKI).

Cryptology researcher Marc Stevens awarded with Google research prize

CWI researcher Marc Stevens of the Cryptology research group has been awarded the Google Security Privacy and Anti-abuse applied award.