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Joint eScience and Data Science grant for CWI's Peter Bosman and AMC

Recently, a research proposal that is spearheaded by CWI was granted in the Joint eScience and Data Science programme that was organized jointly by the NWO Domain Science and Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC). In all projects in this programme, researchers collaborate with eScience engineers of the NLeSC.

Proposal 'Inside the filter Bubble' granted

Recently, the project proposal "Inside the filter bubble" was granted in the JEDS call for cross-sectoral scientific challenges by NWO and the eScience Centre. In this project, Laura Hollink (CWI) collaborates with communication scientists at VU and UvA and Computational Linguists at VU to determine the existence and impact of filter bubbles in mobile news consumption.

Commit2Data grant for better, faster and real-time adaptable big data analysis

To improve parallel processing of big data, NWO granted the project ‘Evolutionary changes in Distributed Analysis’ (ECiDA) within their Commit2Data programme. The research partners in this project – CWI being one of them – will develop a platform to support 'evolving data-intensive application pipelines’, making big data analysis safer, better, faster and adaptable in real-time.