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KIEM funding for developing a smart urban jacket

CWI's DIS group led by Pablo Cesar has been awarded KIEM funding by NWO Humanities. The funding will go to "Project Cairo: an intelligent soft-robotic jacket". DIS will work on this project together with two partners: Borre Akkersdijk (Byborre) and Bas Overvelde (Amolf).

CRYPTO 2017 Best Paper Award for breaking SHA-1 security standard

A team of researchers from CWI and Google have won the CRYPTO 2017 Best Paper Award for being the first to break the SHA-1 internet security standard in practice. Marc Stevens (CWI) explained this research during a plenary talk at CRYPTO 2017 in Santa Barbara (USA).

Quantum revolution at Lowlands

Quantum experts Harry Buhrman (CWI, QuSoft and UvA) and Ronald Hanson (QuTech, TU Delft) showed a glimpse of their scientific minds at the Lowlands pop festival 2017, discussing the quantum revolution.