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DIS contributes to MPEG’s work on Point Cloud Compression

The Distributed and Interactive Systems group has been a core contributor to the effort of Moving Picture Experts Group on 3D point cloud compression technologies. This effort aims at providing efficient representation of static objects and scenes, as well as dynamic objects and real-time acquisition environments. It has resulted in a call for proposals from MPEG.

Instable blood supply may help healthy cells compete with tumor cells

Researchers of CWI’s Scientific Computing group have found that instabilities in the blood supply in cancerous tissue can, surprisingly, lead to a less favorable environment for tumor cells. Their findings shed light on the potential negative side effects of current treatments that aim to actually normalize the blood supply in cancerous tissues.

Paper by Tim Baarslag and Michael Kaisers selected as visionary paper AAMAS 2017 Workshops

A paper by CWI researchers Tim Baarslag and Michael Kaisers has been selected as one of the most visionary papers of the AAMAS 2017 workshops, the largest and most influential conference in the area of agents and multi-agent systems.