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More efficient ambulance planning with new mathematical models

In serious life-threatening situations a fast ambulance response is required. Late arrivals can have a serious impact on the well-being of the patients and can also have consequences regarding policy making. In practice, providing a fast ambulance response time is not always possible. PhD candidate Martin van Buuren of CWI has developed mathematical models that can help to realize fast response times.

Tim Baarslag finalist for New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2018

Tim Baarslag, researcher at the Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group at CWI, is one of the five finalists for the ‘New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2018’ prize. This prize is awarded annually by New Scientist to a young researcher with a high scientific and social impact who reaches a broad audience through his or her outreach activities.

Tackling messy blood vessels to fight cancer

With a Vici grant of 1.5 million euro, Roeland Merks (CWI and UL) looks for ways to fix messy and leaky blood vessels in tumours. To do so, he combines mathematical simulations and lab experiments in a unique way.