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Better simulations for lightning and high-voltage technology

Until recently, it was not clear how lightning could start. CWI PhD student Casper Rutjes modelled and simulated the origin of lightning and ionizing radiation from storm clouds and explained the physics of these phenomena. On 15 March he defended his PhD thesis. His results are important for lightning research, high-voltage technology and nuclear medicine models.

Arrival of iconic Electrologica X8 computer celebrated with symposium

On 24 March Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, UvA, CWI and TU/e organize a public symposium around the Electrologica X8 computer from the sixties. The iconic X8 computer was developed and built entirely in the Netherlands by CWI's first spin-off Electrologica.

CWI research quality, relevance to society and viability rated ‘excellent’

An international evaluation committee has rated CWI as excellent, or world leading, in terms of its research quality, its relevance to society and its viability. The evaluation covered the institute’s work in the 2011-2016 period.