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Joint industrial PhD program with Xinhuanet

CWI has launched a joint industrial PhD program with Xinhuanet in the research area of Social Internet of Things (IoT), smart textiles, and physiological computing. Xinhuanet Co. Ltd. is a key website in China with global influence, sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese national news agency.

Monitoring the Engagement of Groups with Sensors

The PhD thesis of CWI PhD student Chen Wang of the Distributed and Interactive (DIS) group reports on research to design a GSR system that can support and enhance actors’ awareness of remote audiences in a distributed theatrical environment.

Readers can increase retrievability of documents in the National Library collection

Crowdsourcing can help decrease the bias of the search engine of the ‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’, the National Library of the Netherlands. CWI researchers will present that finding at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Texas, which takes place on 4 June 2018.