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CWI communication: Aschwin Tenfelde, Manager Communication, aschwin[at]cwi.nl, t. +31(0)20 592 4181, Marije Huiskes-Tolsma, Senior Communication Advisor, huiskes[at]cwi.nl, t. +31(0)20 592 4243, Annette Kik, Communication Advisor, Annette.Kik[at]cwi.nl, t. +31(0)20 592 4248, Daniëlle Kollerie, Communication coordinator, +31(0)20 592 4145.


We make our software output available to researchers and companies. Part of the institute’s software productions is aimed to be used by a wide audience and intended to become the reference software in its area. CWI has contributed to new industry standards in multimedia, internet security, database management systems and the development of programming languages.