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How to share sensitive information safely?

“Data protection is now in the news more often than ever before”, Thijs Veugen, a senior researcher at TNO and part-time seconded in CWI’s Cryptology group says in his recent TNO Time column. “What should a company do if it wants to share information?" "Organizations can use secure multi-party computation to securely link the most sensitive databases together.”

AIDA: Exploring space with Artificial Intelligence

The EU H2020 project 'AIDA' on using artificial intelligence in space physics was signed in May. The Multiscale Dynamics Group at CWI is one of the eight research partners involved. The ultimate goal is to create an intelligent system that enables new scientific discoveries in space.

More efficient ambulance planning with new mathematical models

In serious life-threatening situations a fast ambulance response is required. Late arrivals can have a serious impact on the well-being of the patients and can also have consequences regarding policy making. In practice, providing a fast ambulance response time is not always possible. PhD candidate Martin van Buuren of CWI has developed mathematical models that can help to realize fast response times.