CWI Scientific Meetings

Scientific events for research groups are organized by the group secretaries. The event organizers are open to suggestions, feel free to contact  Felix Lucka and Jannis Teunissen.


  • 30 September 2022
    Dennis Bouwman (MD), "Pen, paper and lightning"
    Muriel Perez (ML), "Optimal, any time valid testing under group invariance"
    Andrei Nesterov (HCDA), "Culturally Aware AI: Uncovering and modelling cultural controversies in data"
  • Friday 2 December 2022
    Marco Virgolin (Life Sciences and Health), "Symbolic regression & interpretable machine learning"
    Felix Lucka (Computational Imaging), "Photoacoustic and Ultrasonic Tomography for Breast Imaging"
  • Friday 3 February 2023
    Marten van Dijk (Computer Security)


17 June 2022
Wouter Edeling (Scientific Computing), Small closure models for large multiscale problems Slides
Lisa Kohl (Cryptology), Compressed Sigma-Protocol Theory for Lattices Slides

6 May 2022
Chenglu Jin (Computer Security), PwoP: Intrusion-Tolerant and Privacy-Preserving Sensor Fusion Slides
Timo Deist (Life Sciences and Health), Multi-objective machine learning to predict Pareto fronts Slides

4 February 2022
Ton de Kok (CWI General Director), Decision making under uncertainty in manufacturing and distribution systems Slides  Video
Jonas Helsen (Algorithms and Complexity), Classical shadows: a tool for characterizing noisy quantum computers Video

30 April 2021 - Quantum Computing
Harry Buhrman, Introduction to quantum computing Video
Jonas Helsen, Quantum computing in a noisy world: characterization and mitigation of errors Slides Video
Subhasree Patro, Quantum fine-grained complexity Slides Video

9 October 2020
Bert Zwart (ST), Why Are Blackout Sizes in Power Grids Heavy-tailed? Slides Video
Laura Hollink (DA), Predicting the Basic Level in a Hierarchy of Concepts Slides Video

26 June 2020
Sophia Coban (CI), Explorative imaging at the FleX-ray Lab. Slides Video
Mark Raasveldt (DA), DuckDB - The SQLite for Analytics Slides Video

17 April 2020
Jana Sotakova (QuSoft), Breaking the Decisional Diffie-Hellman problem for class group actions Slides Video
Esteban Landerreche (CR), From Hard to Moderately-hard Slides Video
Peter Grunwald (ML), Corona - why the measures were really needed, and why exiting is difficult Slides Video
Marten van Dijk (CR), DP-3T: Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing Slides Video
Peter Boncz (DA), COVID-19 exit strategies + Q&A with Peter Grunwald & Marten van Dijk Video

20 March 2020: has been cancelled

14 February 2020
Felix Lucka (CI), Image Reconstruction - A Playground for Curious Applied Mathematicians
Ronald de Wolf (A&C ), Efficient algorithms for graph sparsification

29 November 2019
Joost Berkhout (IAS), Production Scheduling in an Industry 4.0 Era
Irene Viola (DIS), Compression approaches for light field photography
Christian Majenz (A&C), Hash functions in post-quantum cryptography
Makrand Sinha (N&O), Exponential Separation between Quantum Communication and Logarithm of Approximate Rank

4 October 2019
Jannis Teunissen (MD), Studying plasmas with computers
Wouter Koolen-Wijkstra (ML), Sequential reward maximisation by solving a semi-infinite covering LP

14 June 2019
Peter Grünwald (ML), Save testing
Davide Ceolin (IA), Assessing the quality of web documents

12 April 2019
Astrid van Aggelen (IA), Culturomics and reliable computation
Adriaan Graas (CI), Deep Learning for Dynamic Tomography
Mathé Zeegers (CI), Foreign object detection using spectral imaging and machine learning
Sangeetika Ruchi (SC), Application of ensemble data assimilation methods for parameter estimation in reservoir modelling
Marco Virgolin (LSH), Machine learning-powered radiation dose reconstruction for pediatric cancer survivors
Bernard Zweers (ST), Optimization under uncertainty in inland container transportation

22 February 2019
Solon Pissis (LSH), Linear space is impractical: Constructing antidictionaries in output-sensitive space

30 November 2018
Daan Bloembergen (IAS), Reinforcement learning for critical domains
Anastasia Borovykh (SC), Understanding the loss surface of neural networks

21 September 2018
Peter Bosman (LSH), Better, Faster, and more Insightful Semi-Automatic Brachytherapy Treatment
Marie Colette van Lieshout (ST), Non-model based bandwidth selection for kernel estimators of spatial intensity functions

25 May 2018
Nikhik Bansal (N&O), Optimization and discrepancy theory
Robert van Liere (CI), Imaging Ancient Chinese Ivory Puzzle Balls: Deducing the make process

6 April 2018
Mark Abspoel (CR), Improving HIV treatment choice with multi-party computation
Sander Gribeling (N&O), Matrix factorization ranks: why do we want to lower bound them?
Rianne de Heide (ML), Hypothesis testing
Rien Lagerwerf (CI), Improving FDK Reconstruction by Data-Dependent Filtering
Lina Ochoa (SWAT), An Empirical Evaluation of OSGi Dependencies Best Practices in the Eclipse IDE

26 January 2018
Hannes Mühleisen (DA), Reconciling process in statistical computation and data management
Benjamin Sanderse (SC), Uncertainty quantification for fluid dynamics applications

24 November 2017
Tim Baarslag (IAS), Coordination of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Through Negotiation
Joost Bosman (ST), A domain specific language for performance modeling
Thomas Degueule (SWAT), Modular Extension of Domain-specific Languages

29 September 2017
Stacey Jeffery (Algorithms and Complexity), How a classical verifier can test a quantum system
Roeland Merks (Scientific Computing), Multiscale modeling of mechanical cell-cell signaling during embryonic development

16 June 2017
Joost Batenburg (Computational Imaging), The CWI Computational Imaging group
Wouter Koolen (Machine Learning), The ML Group at CWI + Monte Carlo Tree Search

31 March 2017
Srinivasan Arunachalam (Algorithms and Complexity), Strengths and weaknesses of quantum machine learning
Jasmijn Baaijens (Life Sciences), A puzzle with a million pieces: assembling viral genomes from sequencing data
Krzysztof Bisewski (Scientific Computing), How to minimize time-discretization error?
Tessel Bogaard (Information Access), Understanding user behavior from search logs: a metadata-level approach
Jan Willem Kleinrouweler (Distributed and Interactive Systems), Delivering stable and high quality video over HTTP
Riemer van Rozen (Software Analysis and Transformation), Live Game Design

13 January 2017
Svetlana Dubinkina (Scientific Computing), Data assimilation is a power when treated wisely
Hans van den Berg (Stochastics / TNO), ICT research at TNO: research challenges of 5G mobile networks

9 December 2016
Leo Ducas (Cryptology), Post Quantum cryptography from lattices
Johannes Köster (Life Sciences), A Bayesian model for single-cell gene expression analysis on MERFISH data
Eleftherios Sidirourgos (Database Architectures), A Database System with Amnesia
Aiko Yamashita (Software Analysis & Transformation), Investigating how code attributes affect the effort of developers performing different activities during software maintenance

14 October 2016
Enrico Camporeale (Multiscale Dynamics), Machine Learning for Space Weather
Michael Kaisers (Intelligent Systems), Strategies and mechanisms for competitive cooperation in Smart Grids applications

13 May 2016
Kasper Dokter (Formal Methods), Scheduling of Parallel Applications
Bart Kamphorst (Stochastics), Achievable Performance of Blind Scheduling Policies
Teresa Piovesan (Networks & Optimization), Communication using quantum entanglement: benefits and limitations
Casper Rutjes (Multiscale Dynamics), The origin of lightning
Jouke Stoel (Software Analysis and Transformation), Solving the Bank, on the application of formal specifications and SMT solving inside a bank

29 January 2016
Marc Stevens (CR), Cryptanalysis of the cryptographic standard SHA-1
Aad van der Klaauw (ITF, Data Protection Officer), Towards a secure research environment

27 November 2015
Cristobal Guzman (Networks and Optimization), Noise Robustness of Optimization Algorithms via Statistical Queries
Wouter Koolen (Algorithms and Complexity), Learning Faster from Easy Data
Willem Jan Palenstijn (Scientific Computing), Tomography and High Performance Computing
Chang-Han Rhee (Stochastics), Perfect Estimation with Imperfect Samples

25 September 2015
Stijn de Gouw (CWI and SDL-Fredhopper), Showing that Android's, Java's and Python's sorting algorithm is broken, and fixing it formally
Yanja Dajsuren (FM), Quality Evaluation of Automotive Software Systems

29 May 2015
Folkert Bleichrodt (SC), Robust artefact reduction in tomographic imaging
Caroline Jagtenberg (ST), Operational ambulance planning
Davy Landman (SWAT), Empirical analysis of the relationship between CC and SLOC in a large corpus of Java methods
Vlad Serbanescu (FM), Modeling schedulers in parallel and distributed systems
Tom Sterkenburg (A&C), Occam's datacompressor
Myriam Traub (IA), Tool Criticism

27 March 2015
Peter Boncz (DA), LDBC social network benchmark
Kostis Kyzirakos (DA), Building Virtual Earth Observatories Using Scientific Database and Semantic Web Technologies
Michiel Hildebrand (IA/Spinque), Spinque Link. Vocabulary Alignment Service
Chen Wang (DIS), Sensing Audience

30 January 2015
Rob van der Mei (ST), Overview of activities in Logistics Theme
Daniel Dadush (N&O), Solving "Curved" Linear Programs via the Shadow Simplex Method
Peter van de Ven (ST), Distributed Backup Scheduling: Modeling and Optimization

12 December 2014
Lisanne Rens (LS), Mechanical cell-ECM interactions amplifies response to substrate stretch and induces cell alignment
Xiaodong Zhuge (SC), High-throughput 3D imaging for nanoscience
Emma Beauxis-Aussalet (IA), The Fish4Knowledge project: Applying computer vision to marine ecology research
Timo Maarleveld (LS), COPE-FBA 2.0: Faster and Better Enumeration of the Optimal Solution Space of Genome-scale Stoichiometric Models

3 October 2014
Nikolaos Bezirgiannis (FM), The cloud-aware programming style
Rufael Mekuria (DIS), Real-Time Media Streaming framework for the next generation of social 3d tele-presence
Mona Rahn (N&O), Coordination Games on Graphs
Michael Steindorfer (SwAT), Code Specialization for Memory Efficient Hash Tries
Halldora Thorsdottir (LS), Queueing in a random environment with time-scale separation

6 Juni 2014
Sabine Burgdorf (A&C), Semidefinite optimization for polynomials in noncommuting variables
Hannes Mühleisen (DA), Capturing the Laws of (Data) Nature
Maria Navarro (LS), The Systems Biology Cycle: Computational Workflow & Uncertainty Quantification

28 March 2014
Ute Ebert (MD), How to simulate components of long distance electricity nets
Jayakrishnan Nair (ST), Energy procurement strategies in the presence of intermittent sources
Jeroen Witteveen (SC), Uncertainty quantification in wind power prediction

31 January 2014
Steven Pemberton (DIS), Declarative Web Applications
Ronald de Wolf (A&C), Can linear programs solve NP-hard problems?

29 November 2013
Joost Batenburg (SC), Advanced X-ray Tomograph: Building Bridges between Computational Science and Real-World Experiments
Frank de Boer (FM), Behavioral Specification of Distributed Object-Oriented Systems

27 September 2013
Monique Laurent (N&O), From Linear to Semidefinite Optimization: Some Selected Applications
Arjen de Vries (IA), Understanding Similarity Metrics in Neighbour-based Recommender Systems

21 June 2013
Corrado Boscarino (IA), Epistemic-probabilistic models of Information Retrieval
Nicolas Höning (IS), Currently flexible? Proposals for tapping a crucial resource in our electricity distribution system
Demeter Kiss (ST), Frozen percolation in two dimensions
Marjon Ruijter (SC), On the application of spectral filters in a Fourier option pricing technique
Giannicola Scarpa (A&C), Improving Communication with Entanglement
Wander Wadman (CD), Estimating power grid reliability using a splitting method

4 April 2013
Jeroen Witteveen (SC), Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Serge Fehr (CR), Robust Secret Sharing

8 February 2013
Jiyin He (IA), Interactive information retrieval for complex search tasks
Mark Hills (Swat), A Framework for PHP Program Analysis
Sunil Simon (N&O, SwAT), Social network games
Andras Szabo (LS), Cell-based modeling of cancerous tissues

30 November 2012
Stratos Idreos (INS1), 3 Ideas for Big Data Exploration
Willem Hundsdorfer (MAC3), Numerical oscillations - and how to avoid them

12 October 2012
Jens Rademacher (MAC3), An invitation to nonlinear waves and coherent structures
Krzysztof Apt (PNA1), Open Access vs Commercial Publishers

1 June 2012
Bart de Keijzer (PNA1), Algorithmic Game Theory
Joost Bosman (PNA2), Extreme value theory in a tandem of fluid queues
Willem Haverkort (MAC2), Magnetohydrodynamic stability of rotating tokamak plasmas
Inken Wohlers (MAC4), Exact algorithms for protein structure alignment
Jeroen van den Bos (SEN1), Model-Driven Engineering in Digital Forensics
Holger Pirk (INS1), Data Management in the Age of Heterogeneous Hardware

30 March 2012
Pablo Cesar (SEN5), Enabling High-Quality Audiovisual Communications
Alexander Schoenhuth (MAC4), Discovering individual human genetic variation with CLEVER and SMART

3 February 2012
Vadim Zaytsev (SEN), The Life Cycle of Grammarware
Tobias Marschall (MAC), Efficient Exact Motif Discovery
Bart Scheers (INS), Where CWI touches the Sky
Erwin Dassen (PNA), Lattices in cryptography

25 November 2011
Jos Baeten (DIR), Model based systems engineering, in particular supervisory control synthesis
Ute Ebert (MAC3), Multiscale modeling of sparks and their kind

30 September 2011
Harry Buhrman (PNA6), Position-Based Quantum Cryptography
Barry Koren (MAC2), Analysis, Computing & Sustainable Energy

27 May 2011
Niek Bouman (PNA5), Secure authentication from a weak key without leaking information
Jop Briet (PNA6), Playing nonlocal games with quantum resources
Floor Sietsma (SEN1/PNA1), The logic of email communication
Benjamin Sanderse (MAC2), Computational methods for windfarm aerodynamics
Gideon Wormeester (MAC3), Understanding streamers using density models with mesh refinement
Erietta Liarou (INS1), A DBMS kernel sailing streams

8 April 2011
Jan van Schuppen (MAC2), Control of piecewise-affine hybrid systems on polytopes
Tijs van der Storm (SEN1), Domain Specific Language Research at CWI

4 February 2011
Alexandra Silva (SEN3),Coalgebra at the CWI: a brief overview
Tomas Masopust (MAC2), Supervisory control of discrete-event systems
Vera Hollink (INS2), Interactive information retrieval
Tobias Mueller (PNA1), Random geometric graphs

11 June 2010
Arnoud den Boer (PNA2), Dynamic pricing with unknown demand function
Romulo Goncalves (INS1), The Data Cyclotron
Wouter Koolen-Wijkstra (PNA6), Combining Predictions Efficiently
Jose Proenca (SEN3), Distributed framework for Reo
Anna Mozartova (MAC3), Non-oscillatory Time Stepping
Sjors van der Stelt (MAC1), Rise and fall of patterns in models for semi arid ecosystems

1 April 2010
Marie-Colette van Lieshout (PNA2)
Roeland Merks (MAC4)

27 November 2009
Bert Zwart (PNA2), Using probability to develop rules of thumb

29 May 2009
Lacramioara Astefanoaei (SEN3)
Jana Nemcova (MAS2)
Fernando de Oliveira Filho (PNA1)
Ferdi Smit (INS3)
Marc Stevens (PNA5)

2 April 2009
Guido Schaefer (PNA1), Soccer, Games and Computation
Raphael Troncy (INS2), Linked Media: Weaving multimedia objects into web applications using semantic annotations

CWI Scientific Meetings have been organized by the following members since 2011:
Abdallah El Ali (DIS)
Willem Hundsdorfer (MD)
Tijs van der Storm (SWAT)
Peter van de Ven (ST)
Ronald de Wolf (A&C)

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Scientific Meeting Friday 30 September

30-09-2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 Euler room,
Dennis Bouwman (MD), "Pen, paper and lightning"; Muriel Perez (ML), "Optimal, any time valid testing under group invariance"; Andrei Nesterov (HCDA), "How crowdsourcing and domain expertise help uncover cultural controversies in data"

Scientific Meeting Thursday 17 November

02-12-2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 Euler room,
Marco Virgolin (Life Sciences and Health), Symbolic regression & interpretable machine learning; Felix Lucka (Computational Imaging), "Photoacoustic and Ultrasonic Tomography for Breast Imaging"