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  • 2021-09-30T16:00:00+02:00
  • 2021-09-30T17:00:00+02:00
September 30 Thursday

30-09-2021 from 16:00 to 17:00
On-line seminar

Everyone is welcome to attend the online seminar by Martin Skutella (TU Berlin). The title of his lecture is: A Faster Algorithm for Quickest Transshipments via an Extended Discrete Newton Method. You will find more information on the website:

  • 2021-10-01T16:00:00+02:00
  • 2021-10-01T17:30:00+02:00
October 1 Friday

01-10-2021 from 16:00 to 17:30

DSDSD is co-organized with TUE, TU Delft, and Uva and brings together researchers in data systems. A new season of seminars starts on October 1st, 2021 at 4:00pm CET with two very interesting talks by Konstantinos Karanasos and Ziyu Li! Please subscribe on the web page ( for zoom connection info.

  • 2021-10-02T11:00:00+02:00
  • 2021-10-02T17:00:00+02:00
October 2 Saturday

02-10-2021 from 11:00 to 17:00
Amsterdam Science Park

CWI doet mee aan de Amsterdam Science Park Open Dag tijdens het Weekend van de Wetenschap op zaterdag 2 oktober 2021.

  • 2021-10-05T10:00:00+02:00
  • 2021-10-05T11:00:00+02:00
October 5 Tuesday

05-10-2021 from 10:00 to 11:00

Automatic and Efficient Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms

  • 2021-10-11T09:45:00+02:00
  • 2021-10-11T17:30:00+02:00
October 11 Monday

11-10-2021 from 09:45 to 17:30
The Hague Conference Centre

During the Cloud Security congress 2021, Marten van Dijk (CWI) will talk with Tom Jessen about 'The Future of Cloud Security' and the Dutch Secure Autonomous Cloud (DUSAC) initiative to ensure future security of the cloud.

  • 2021-11-03T15:00:00+01:00
  • 2021-11-03T17:00:00+01:00
November 3 Wednesday

03-11-2021 from 15:00 to 17:00

The first symposium in April 2021 was a general introduction to the problem from the perspective of industry, government, and end user. In this second episode we zoom in on a number of specific topics, including quantum-safe PKI, the relation between PQC en QKD, and PQC standards & implementation. The symposium is aimed at higher management and security professionals from government, private sector, and industry.

  • 2021-11-18T19:00:00+01:00
  • 2021-11-18T22:00:00+01:00
November 18 Thursday

18-11-2021 from 19:00 to 22:00
Trippenhuis Amsterdam & streaming

On Thursday 18 November 2021, CWI will present the Van Wijngaarden Award to a mathematician and a computer scientist of special significance during the festive Soirée.

  • 2021-11-25T00:00:00+01:00
  • 2021-11-26T23:59:59+01:00
November 25 Thursday

25-11-2021 to 26-11-2021
Conference center de Werelt, Lunteren

The first annual meeting of the Dutch Inverse Problems Community will take place on 25-26 November 2021 in conference center de Werelt, Lunteren. The masterclasses are meant to introduce the participants to a particular topic by a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises.

  • 2021-12-08T15:45:00+01:00
  • 2021-12-08T16:45:00+01:00
December 8 Wednesday

08-12-2021 from 15:45 to 16:45
Aula, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105

Everyone is invited to attend the public defense of Benno Kruit of his PhD thesis: Extending Knowledge Bases from Human-readable Tables Promotor: Peter Boncz Co-promotor: Jacopo Urbani Promovendus: Benno Kruit Datum: Woensdag 08-12-2021 Tijd: 15:45 Locatie: Aula, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105 Livestream:

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