Ronald de Wolf

Scientific Staff Member, Professor

Fullname Prof.dr. R.M. de Wolf
Function(s) Scientific Staff Member, Professor
Telephone 4078
Room L234
Department(s) Algorithms and Complexity


My main interests are quantum computing and complexity theory.

Selected Publications

  • A. Drucker, R. de Wolf, Quantum proofs for classical theorems, 2010
  • R. de Wolf, Error-correcting data structures, 313-324, 2009
  • D. Gavinsky, J. Kempe, O. Regev, R. de Wolf, Bounded-error quantum state identification and exponential separations in communication complexity, SIAM, 1-24, 2009
  • D. Gavinsky, J. Kempe, I. Kerenidis, R. Raz, R. de Wolf, Exponential separation for one-way quantum communication complexity, with applications to cryptography, SIAM, 1695-1708, 2008
  • H. Klauck, R. Spalek, R. de Wolf, Quantum and classical strong direct product theorems and optimal time-space tradeoffs, SIAM, 1472-1493, 2007