Tenure-track position in Data Science Systems Architecture

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science, based in Amsterdam. CWI strives to be a diverse and inclusive research institute. To achieve balanced representation in leadership positions, we will prioritize applications from women researchers (including identifying as) for a number of job openings we will have in the course of this year.

One of these vacancies is a

Tenure-track position
in Data Science Systems Architecture

Job description

With the ever-increasing digitization in science, industry, business, and the human society at large, there is a pressing need for data science systems that facilitate efficient, reliable, secure and transparent processing of large amounts of (raw) data to create and use models in a way that is accountable and fair. Research into generic data system architectures that support the entire data science life-cycle, from acquisition of raw data, data integration, data cleansing and feature engineering, over model training, model selection, (visual) result analysis and model inference, to data verification and performance monitoring, is still in its infancy.

In the Database Architectures (DA) research group at CWI, we envision that the architecture of such data science systems will be largely inspired by, if not based on, the architecture of database management systems. Research challenges include, but are not limited to, the questions such as whether and how data system architecture at large, or specific components like declarative specification languages and optimization techniques, can be extended and adopted to support efficient, reliable, secure, accountable and fair machine learning pipelines.
In the tradition of data systems research at CWI, valorisation of fundamental research results into (existing or to-be developed) open-source data systems is expected, and these new systems can build on the very successful DuckDB system developed at CWI, which is already used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists worldwide.


You are a (computer) scientist with a PhD degree and expertise in Data Systems, including but not limited to Database Management Systems (DBMSs), with a particular focus on their architecture, development, implementation and evaluation, and you have expertise or affinity in Machine Learning (ML). Both early career researchers (i.e., with a PhD degree and some experience as a postdoctoral researcher) and researchers who are more senior are invited to apply.
For international candidates with an ML background, there is the possibility to apply for an “AiNed Fellowship Grant"1 to equip the position with an extended starting package of (up to) 6 PhD students.

You have proven your ability to make impactful research contributions. You have developed a research vision, with clear ideas that you want to explore scientifically. You are keen to further develop your teaching and funding skills, and to actively participate in and help develop CWI’s initiatives for the Dutch mathematics and computer science communities. You communicate well and enjoy developing (inter)national collaborations. In supervising students and PhD candidates, you are responsive to their needs.


Terms and conditions

The Tenure-track position at CWI is for three or five years, depending on your previous experience. You will be supported throughout this period to work towards a permanent position. The terms of employment are arranged with a Collective Labor Agreement ("CAO-onderzoeksinstellingen"). Depending on relevant work experience, the gross monthly starting salary on a full-time basis ranges from € 4,064 to € 6,355, and in addition a holiday allowance of 8% of the gross annual salary and a year-end bonus of 8.33%.

Attractive working conditions at CWI
We provide comfortable facilities, and have flexible working hours (partly working from home), including benefits, and offer professional coaching and training and support for e.g. grant-writing.
We help with housing for expat employees, and if accepting this position means your partner must find another job, we can also be of assistance.

Information and application

If you want to apply, please send:

  • a motivation letter;
  • a curriculum vitae with your publications, teachings and outreach;
  • copies of your three most prominent publications;
  • the names of three senior scientists whom CWI can ask for letters of recommendation;
  • a research statement and a research plan for the coming years; including ideas on acquiring funding.

The application deadline is 7 June 2023.

For more information about the vacancy, please contact Prof. Peter Boncz or Prof. Stefan Manegold, email: Peter.Boncz@cwi.nl and Stefan.Manegold@cwi.nl

For more information about CWI, please visit www.cwi.nl or watch our video about working at CWI. To hear from CWI colleagues about what it is like to work at CWI, please visit: https://www.cwi.nl/en/jobs/why-cwi/testimonials

Diversity code

CWI encourages a diverse workforce: we endeavour to develop talent and creativity by bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures together. We recruit and select based on capabilities and talent. We strongly encourage everyone with the appropriate qualifications to apply for the vacancy, regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation or physical abilities.

About CWI

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science and is part of the Institutes Organisation of the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The mission of CWI is to conduct pioneering research in mathematics and computer science, generating new knowledge in these fields and conveying it to trade, industry, and society at large.

CWI is an internationally oriented institute, with 160 scientists from approximately 27 countries, an informal atmosphere and short lines of communication. We have an activity committee that organizes after-work activities and an informal women’s network.  

CWI is located at Science Park Amsterdam, the home of AMS-IX, that is presently developing into a major location of research in the physical sciences in The Netherlands, housing the sciences of the University of Amsterdam as well as several other national research institutes next to CWI.

About Research group

To find more information about CWI, and the Database Architectures (and the other research groups), please visit their webpages and watch their video: https://www.cwi.nl/en/groups/database-architectures/