Ukrainian researchers, who work on a subject related to a research group

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) offers two (unpaid) guest positions for

Ukrainian researchers,

who work on a subject related to one of our research groups.

Job description

The Russian military invasion on Ukraine has profoundly shocked us all and still continues to do so every day. Along with other knowledge institutions, NWO has decided to suspend all formal and institutional partnerships with educational and knowledge institutions in the Russian Federation and Belarus immediately until further notice, following an urgent appeal from our ministry.

CWI is fully aware of the enormous consequences for the Ukrainian people. This of course also had a huge impact on Ukrainian researchers, especially for those who had to flee and can’t continue their research as usual. To offer support to those Ukrainian researchers, we offer two (unpaid) guest positions at CWI. With these guest positions, you will receive full hospitality in one of our research groups, which includes a working place at CWI, use of our research facilities, cooperation in a research group or even supervision by one of our senior researchers, and of course peer support.

If needed and wanted, CWI can offer help for example with visa, advice and help through our company doctor, courses etc.


Candidates can vary from experienced researchers with a completed PhD in a relevant field, to junior researchers still working on their PhD who should at least have a Master’s degree in a field related to CWI. Further preferable qualifications for candidates include proven research talent and a good command of English.

Terms and conditions

CWI offers two unpaid positions for researchers, for an initial period of three months, which can be extended depending on your personal situation.


Information and application

If you are interested, please apply through our application system, including a detailed resume and motivation letter. Please motivate in which of our research groups you would fit and the reason for this. You can find more information about CWI and our research groups on this website:

If you have questions about these guest positions, please contact our director Ton de Kok, email

If you want to get an idea about working at CWI, please watch our video.

Diversity code

CWI encourages a diverse workforce: we endeavour to develop talent and creativity by bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures together. We recruit and select based on capabilities and talent. We strongly encourage everyone with the appropriate qualifications to apply for the vacancy, regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation or physical abilities.

About CWI

To find more information about the group, please visit the group page and watch their video.

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