Stochastics Meeting Lunteren 2009

Please consult this web page for further information about this conference: and not the information below.    General

Please consult this web page for further information about this conference:

and not the information below.






The 38th annual Meeting of Dutch Statisticians and Probabilists will take place November 16-18, 2009 in the Conference Centre `De Werelt', Westhofflaan 2, Lunteren, Telephone 31 + (0)318 484641. The organizers are R.D. Gill, M.S. Keane and M.N.M. van Lieshout. The Meeting is sponsored by the Gebiedsbestuur Exacte Wetenschappen (NWO), the Sectie Mathematische Statistiek (VVS), the Mathematical Research Institute (MRI), and the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics.

Around the conference center




Six invited speakers will give two lectures of one hour each on topics in Statistics or Probability. The lectures are open to anyone who is interested. The programme starts Monday November 17 at 10.30 h and ends Wednesday November 19 after lunch .


To graduate students in stochastics (a.i.o. and o.i.o) and their thesis advisors: The Lunteren organizers are pleased to invite stochastics graduate students in The Netherlands and nearby countries to participate in a poster session during the Lunteren 2009 conference, from November 16 to November 18, 2009. In order to present a poster, we need to receive a title (which will be printed as an official part of the program, together with your name) and the agreement of one of the thesis advisors or supervisors. We'll try to accomodate all requests and if necessary enlarge the available space, but it may be necessary in case of a large number of requests to make a selection. Below are guidelines and a form to be mailed in, with a DEADLINE necessary for our conference organization. We encourage all stochastics graduate students to make the Lunteren conference for all of us more interesting and stimulating by presenting your work in this fashion. Any questions or requests should be addressed to Mike Keane by e-mail


  • 1.  Graduate students in The Netherlands (a.i.o.'s or o.i.o's) may submit posters for a poster session during the yearly Lunteren Stochastics Meeting in November. Also posters submitted by graduate students from other countries are welcome.
  • 2.   Posters are intended for mathematical communication, not for advertisement. No logos, thanks, or other information of a nonmathematical nature should appear on the poster, except for the name and postal and/or e-mail address of the poster author. Joint authorship of a poster is fine if all authors are graduate students. The thesis advisor's name (as such) should not appear on the poster.
  • 3.  A poster session will be held either on Monday evening or on Tuesday evening of the conference. Poster authors are expected to be present, not only during the poster session, but also at the lectures and other activities during the conference. In particular, full registration and payment of the conference fee (which includes meals and lodging) is required for participation in the poster session. Of course, if a valid reason arises that you cannot come, then we'll certainly consider refunding your registration.
  • 4.  To submit a poster, please complete the form (see below) and send it to the address indicated by normal post, after having it signed by your advisor, by July 15 of the year of the meeting. The form must also be signed by your thesis advisor.
  • 5.  The organizers will notify each submission of acceptance or rejection by August 1. Only one poster will be accepted per student, and a maximum of eight posters will be accepted. (In case of a larger number of submissions we'll try to get more space - at present there is only room in the facility for eight posters.) If the registration payment has not been made by September 15, the poster will be removed from the program, even if it has been accepted. No exceptions to the deadlines (July 15 for the form overleaf and September 15 for payment) will be made. If more than eight submissions have been received they will be handled in the order in which they have been received. We apologize for the strictness of the rules, and ask for your understanding - many things must happen for the meeting to run smoothly. You should, as poster author, not find it necessary to contact us. If your poster is accepted you will receive automatically the necessary details and instructions.


Titles of the talks:

To be announced.  


Participation Fee and Lodging

For a limited number of people there is the possibility of staying at the Conference Centre overnight.

A full stay including registration fee, accomodation and all meals from November 16 before lunch to November 18 after lunch will cost EUR --- to be announced --- (single room).
if registered and paid before / after October 1.
For a two day arrangement (registration fee, one overnight stay and all meals during two days) EUR --- to be announced ---(single room) will be charged.