Research Semester Programme

In 2022, CWI launched the Research Semester Programmes, a new initiative to facilitate and accelerate joint research endeavours within the national mathematics and computer science communities.

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Fundamental research in computer science and mathematics can make major contributions to important scientific and societal challenges. For example, think of recent developments in the context of AI and health care, the energy transition or fairness of algorithms. CWI Research Semester Programmes focus on challenging topics to which the national research community can make an important research contribution with both scientific and societal impact.

These programmes:

  • aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas, the development of joint knowledge and the building of lasting relationships between (inter)national researchers;
  • seek to create time and space for collaboration;
  • are comprised of multiple activities over a semester-length, such as workshops, schools and seminars, for junior and senior researchers; and
  • can involve a sabbatical stay at CWI


We invite colleagues from Dutch universities to jointly set up CWI Research Semester Programmes. The next call for proposals (2025-2027) is now open!


Read more about the experience attendees had with our earlier semester programmes.


At the end of this page you'll find the Research Semester Programme events that have been scheduled up till now.

Upcoming programmes 2024 and 2025


For 2024, the following research semester programmes are planned. More info will follow in the course of 2024.


For 2025, the following research semester programmes are planned.

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