Election Statement for the council of the EATCS

Jos BaetenCentrum Wiskunde & InformaticaNetherlands

Jos Baeten
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica


The European Association for Theoretical Computer Science has played an important role in the organization of theoretical computer science for a long time, both in the exchange of results and ideas within the field and in relation with more applied branches of computer science and other sciences. This role remains important, especially in times where valorization of research results and cooperation with private institutions is getting more and more emphasis.

With my candidacy for a second term in the council, I want to contribute to this goal. If elected, I want to contribute to all activities of the EATCS, with a special focus on two aspects:

1. Publishing policy. Increased attention for open access and continued digitalization is fueling a revolution in publishing, from subscription based publications to publications based on author processing charges. Journals need no longer appear on paper, but can be overlay journals, just requiring a stamp of quality on articles residing in public repositories. This should reverse the trend of scientific libraries spending more and more money on publishers. We need to reject the schemes of hybrid journals, that keep subscription charges alive and charge extra for open access.

During my current term in the council, I contributed to the switch of ICALP proceedings subscription based to open access publications. I want to continue this line in the coming term.

2. Connections to other societies. I want to contribute to good relations of the EATCS with IFIP TC1, ACM SIGLOG, ERCIM, Informatics Europe, EFICST and more.