CWI History: details

First European Internet connection

CWI established the first connection between Europe and the Internet on November 17, 1988.
The institute was the first non-American organization to gain access to the American science network NSFnet, which was the equivalent of Internet at the time. This connection was a result of extensive negotiations with the American Internet administrators, in particular by CWI's network manager Piet Beertema and his colleagues. The first open transatlantic internet connection was the first step to Internet for everybody. Soon, other academic and research organizations were connected, later followed by private companies and in 1993 by individual users. Since then, the internet has grown from a convenient way to exchange information with U.S. scientists into the indispensable mass medium it is today. See:

Registration of .nl and

Piet Beertema (CWI) played a central role within EUnet - the predecessor of the European Internet. Beertema managed the .nl administration for the Netherlands for 10 years from his room at CWI.
Due to the explosive growth of the number of domains, the task became too vast for one person. In 1996, the Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN) was founded, which took over Beertema's registration work in January 1997. After that, Beertema became a board member of SIDN. In 1999 he received a royal decoration for his pioneering work for the development of internet in the Netherlands and Europe.

Python details

Python is now being used in web development (Zope, Google, Yahoo), games (Star Trek Bridge Commander), graphics (Industrial Light and Magic with 'The Phantom Menace' en 'The Mummy Returns'; Walt Disney Feature Animation), banks (ABN AMRO), science (NASA), software development (Red Hat), education and company software (RealNetworks).