Open Access: publishing

There are two ways of OA publishing:   1. Self-archiving

There are two ways of OA publishing:


1. Self-archiving


Upload the full text version of your peer-reviewed articles in the CWI Publications Repository. If, for any reason you cannot do so you may upload the so called author's version preprint, which is the final peer-reviewed manuscript version. Ideally the content should be identical to the published version. For a list of publishers and their (copyright) policy please turn to the Sherpa/Romeo database.


2. Publish in open access journals.


There is a large number of OA journals. Some are free of any charges - they are usually sponsored by academic institutions or learned societies. There are OA publishers whose OA journals request a fee from the authors, the so called publishing fee or author fee because publishing and peer-reviewing cannot be organised free of charge.

There are journals which issues become open access after a certain embargo period. Sometimes it concerns all articles, sometimes only the articles which are required to become open access by the funding organisation.

Another, increasing category, is that of the hybrid journals. These are the subscription-based journals published by traditional publishers where you can publish articles free of charge. They also offer the OA option for individual articles if authors are prepared to pay a fee. Whether or not you are prepared to pay an OA fee should not influence the peer-review process. Therefore, the option is offered only after the peer-review process has been completed and your article is accepted. These OA articles can be accessed free of charge by everyone. If many articles are published OA at a fee hopefully the subscription rate will be lowered. Since the OA fees differ a lot among the publishers and/or the journals you are advised to get information in advance how high the fee is.

Many OA journals have been launched recently. As with all new journals you are advised to check the editorial board members. Newsgroups on your subjects of interest may provide additional information on the reputation of these journals.

For your convenience we have compiled a selected list of relevant OA journals: free journals and journals requesting publication fees.


Further information:

Unfortunately there are (new) publishers who exploit the author-fee model for their own profit. Beware of such publishers. Jeffrey Beall has compiled a list of such publishers


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