Project name: Passepartout
Research group: Interactive Information Access (INS2)

Coordinator of this project: Zeljko Obrenovic 

The availability of sensor data from numerous sources offers interesting challenges for the usage of user profiles, personalization and adaptive user interfaces. The Dutch Passepartout project researches frameworks for achieving Ambient Intelligence in combination with a Mass-Customization Box and potential applications of these systems. This research is carried out in cooperation with Philips PDSL, Stoneroos, TU/e Chartoon and the international Passepartout partners.

The core of the Dutch Passepartout project is researching the generation of personalized multimedia content and automatic generation of suggestions using dynamically built user profiles, so that the user always has control over the Mass-Customization Box and how it finds and presents interesting content. This personalized advice can then be used to make content available on TV screens, projectors or portable devices and players in a wireless in-home network. The system continually and automatically updates the user profile during long-term monitoring of the user's interactions and program choices. The project also researches mechanisms for incremental authoring of content on top of the existing broadcast content and its subsequent components with other participants via the Internet and video chat groups. In addition, the project researches the usage of standards such as SMIL, MPEG4/7, SVG and XMT as the basis for new forms of content distribution and peer-to-peer sharing environments (P2P).

INS2's primary contribution to the Passepartout project is the investigation of the creation of explicit semantics from sensor data to generate personalized hypermedia presentations in the Passepartout framework. In addition, INS2 researches architectures that enable integration of existing and novel personalized hypermedia systems into Passepartout framework. Some of the research topics include the definition of user profiles and the definition of flexible mapping among the data from Pasepartout user, device and context models to the parameters of concrete adaptive multimedia systems. INS2 collaborates with CWI theme SEN5, which is also a partner in Passepartout.

Lora AroyoDick Bulterman, Pablo Santiago C├ęsar Garcia, Lynda Hardman, Frank Nack, Zeljko Obrenovic.

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