Control and System Theory

This group is a subgroup of Scientific Computing and Control Theory (MAC2)
Coordinator of this sub-theme: Jan van Schuppen

The research objective in control theory is to develop theory and algorithms for control of discrete-event systems and of hybrid systems. The motivation of this project is control of traffic in motorway, railway, air traffic, and other networks. The current research focus includes: discrete-event control of piecewise-linear hybrid systems, realization of hybrid systems, decentralized failure diagnosis and decentralized control of discrete-event systems, and supervisory control of discrete-event systems for partial observations with coalgebra; modular control synthesis.
The research objective is also to develop realization theory and system identification theory. Classes of systems that will receive attention include: Gaussian systems, finite stochastic systems, positive linear systems, and hybrid systems. The research is motivated by control and signal processing. Here, the actual research focus includes: computer algebra algorithms for identification and control problems of linear systems, analysis of the approximation problem for stationary Gaussian systems, stochastic realization, realization of positive systems, and application of positive systems in the biosciences.

Pieter Collins, Luc Habets, Hanna Hardin, Pia Kempker, Jana Nemcova, Mihaly Petreczky, Jan van Schuppen, Lorenzo Sella, Rong Su, Dirk De Vos, Ivan Zapreev.

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