Algorithmic Game Theory


Research group: Networks and Optimization (N&O)

Many real-world applications are complex and distributed in nature and involve a multitude of interacting decision makers that attempt to achieve their own goals. A typical example are network applications arising in large-scale distributed information and communication systems such as the Internet. Other examples deal with problems concerned with traffic, transportation, logistics, auctions, etc.

In this research project, we study various aspects of such applications. Our goal is to gain a fundamental understanding of the implications of strategic interaction with a particular focus on computational and algorithmic issues. Our studies are interdisciplinary in flavor in that they combine methodologies and techniques from operations research, combinatorial optimization, complexity theory, logic, game theory and social choice theory.

Focal research points of the project are:

  1. Mechanism design
    • socially optimal mechanisms
    • cost sharing mechanisms
  2. Study of equilibria
    • equilibrium computation
    • inefficiency of equilibria
    • coordination mechanisms
  3. Reasoning in strategic games
    • strategy elimination procedures & interactive epistemology
    • altruistic player behavior
  4. Social networks

The group is involved in various national and international activities to advance the field of algorithmic game theory.


Coordinators of this project
Krzysztof Apt and Guido Schäfer

Other members
Bart de Keijzer, Mona RahnFloor Sietsma, Sunil Simon

Former members

  • Emmanouil Pountourakis (CWI internship, summer 2012)
  • Amy Greenwald (01-01-2011 till 31-07-2011)
  • Vincent Conitzer (15-12-2010 till 15-05-2011)
  • Orestis Telelis (01-10-2009 till 30-06-2010)
  • Po-An Chen (CWI internship, summer 2010)
  • Arantza Estévez-Fernández (01-10-2006 till 31-08-2007)
  • Florian Horn (01-11-2008 till 31-08-2009)
  • Nathanaël Fijalkow (internship, summer 2009)
  • Nicole Immorlica (01-09-2007 till 31-08-2008)
  • Vangelis Markakis (01-01-2007 till 31-07-2008)
  • Renato Gomes (internship, summer 2008)
  • Georgios Piliouras (CWI internship, summer 2008)
  • Mahyar Salek (CWI internship, summer 2009) 
  • Andreas Witzel (01-05-2006 till 31-07-2009)
  • Dominik Wojtczak (01-01-2009 till 31-12-2009)
  • Jonathan Zvesper (01-01-2007 till 31-08-2009)